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Tuesday, October 9, 2014
(Breakfast Meeting)
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2 hours CPE - Ethics

John Mclaughlin, CPA, CRMA - Managing Director, Smart Devine
Michael Brozetti - President, Boundless LLC
Converging, Ethics, Governance and Culture

The core of every internal control system is the integrity of its people, processes, and technologies. In the wake of today’s corporate scandals, bankruptcies, media-frenzied bailouts, and the financial market meltdown, light is once again being shed on the criticality of system risk and control. However, more scrutiny is being placed on the people who are responsible for governing and managing these systems.


A Convergence of Enterprise Risk Management and Ethics Monitoring Programs

Risk Oversight continues to develop at the board level where it is becoming deeper, yet broader in scope, and influenced by real life scenarios. Every year there seems to be a catastrophe, grabbed by the global headlines, that brings a large organization to its knees. Why do these events happen? What are the common factors that led to such mammoth errors? Are these situations rooted in ethical breakdowns?



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