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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Business Change, Receivables Change, How to Manage Payment Collection Today!
1 Hr CPE - Other

Mary Ann Robinson - Owner TransAct

The credit card industry has seen many dynamic changes over the last few years as have many of the business environments in which we operate today.  The type of software, hardware,  and credit card company offerings have become so numerous that almost every owner is drawn to the advertising perception  that projects to minimize their overhead.  Is that the right decision or not?  What are the alternatives?  How can payment collection tools be automated to benefit all businesses from a retailer, to a contractor, to a manufacturer.  We will present an overview of the considerations a business owner should take when making a critical decision on how to collect receivables using credit cards or e-checks.

TransAct is led by Mary Ann Robinson, a seasoned professional with a successful track record of profitable business ownership. Mary Ann founded TransAct in 2010 as a financial services and consulting company focused on helping businesses collect payments from their clients – whether retail, service or restaurant – in person, online and via e-mail.

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